14 may. 2017

Oblatos Benedictinos de la Comunidad Mundial para la Meditación Cristiana en los Estados Unidos.

“[Los Monásticos] han organizado sus vidas con una prioridad muy clara. En su conversión, ya
no se centran en ellos sino en sus hermanos en la comunidad, en Cristo a través de la oración, y
en Dios a través de Cristo. Esta es la tradición benedictina clara y lúcida, y cuando está
plenamente viva en los corazones de las mujeres y los hombres, tiene el poder de convertir, de
dirigir a Cristo, a todos los que están bajo su influencia”. (John Main, OSB, Cartas del Corazón)
¿Qué es un Oblato?
Históricamente, los Oblatos existen desde los tiempos de San Benito, en el siglo sexto. El
término "oblato" viene del latín y significa simplemente 'ofrenda'. Al principio, los Oblatos eran
niños ofrecidos al monasterio por sus padres.

11 may. 2017

Bonnevaux, A Contemplative and Meditation Retreat Centre

Contemplative centres through history have always served as places of peace and reconciliation. A thousand years ago a Benedictine monastery was built in Bonnevaux, near Poitiers in France. On these ancient foundations we would like to develop a contemplative centre for the 21st century.
Bonnevaux will contribute to the peace-building and mutual understanding so much needed in our world now. As a meditation centre with its roots deep in the Christian tradition and yet open to all in an inclusive spirit, it will show the potential of meditation for people of all ages, beliefs and backgrounds to unify minds and heal divided hearts. With its focus on a simple and universal teaching Bonnevaux will deepen the contemplative dimension of Christian life and also bring the fruits of meditation to people of other religious or secular beliefs.
Bonnevaux is a beautiful site.  It is an ideal space with a spirit of deep peace and beauty for a contemplative retreat centre attuned to the needs of our time.  It will provide a home for The World Community for Christian Meditation and bring together meditators from around the globe in friendship. There will be a resident core community who will manage the centre and welcome participants for retreats and courses. A programme of retreats, courses and events will be offered here to continue the work and mission of our community.

7 may. 2017

A Special Opportunity

Monte Oliveto is a beautiful monastery in Tuscany, mother-house of the Benedictine Olivetan Congregation which is Fr Laurence's monastic family. He and Giovanni Felicioni will again lead a retreat there next month - meditation, silence, teaching, yoga, good company.
 A reduced price of £400 for the week is offered if you share a (large) room with 2 or 3 others. This includes food, accommodation and the retreat.
Places are limited, so if you would like to come or have more info please ASAP contact Susan at: